Hurricane Hunters confirm our suspicions

Very dry, very weak system

By John Gaughan - Chief meteorologist
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Extremely weak

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Hurricane Hunters found extremely dry air surrounding the center of circulation of tropical system 93L.  As I discussed back on Tuesday evening, the system had become nearly void of thunderstorms, the mechanism that drives all tropical storms/hurricanes.  This lack of storms has meant the beautiful circulation (seen on the satellite pictures as a swirl of clouds) of low pressure has been spinning down slowly.  I referred to this "spinning down" as the "countdown clock to dissipation". 

Therefore, unless sustained storms return immediately, 93L is yet another tropical system that failed to develop due to dry air and strong winds.  See picture showing the complete lack of storms.

By the way, as of 4:15pm, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is still giving this a 70% chance of developing both in the next 2 days and 5 days.  They obviously believe there will be some kind of sustained thunderstorm development within the next 2 days.  My thought is, after reading through the recon data, the atmosphere is just way too dry at this time for this to happen, therefore the system should just spin down.  Hopefully this will be the case.