Late October tropical trouble

2 tropical systems in Caribbean in the third week of October

By Blake Mathews - Meteorologist
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - By the time October rolls around, most of us have long put away the board shorts and beach balls in favor of BBQ grills, big screen televisions for football and cooler weather.

Names like Beryl and Debby ring familiar but seem somewhere in the distant past. Yet, the same season that birthed those storms have given way to two more new ones! One will indirectly impact our coast and the other you can totally ignore.

I give you Tropical Storm Sandy and Tropical Depression 19.

Tropical Storm Sandy formed Monday afternoon in the western Caribbean Sea after days of computer models suggestions that a storm would indeed come to fruition.

Thankfully this time of year, you can pretty much rule out any direct impacts from both systems. Cold fronts, especially by mid-October, have long swept across the Sunshine State keeping at bay the dangers these storms bring.

The National Hurricane Center indicates that the storm will cross Jamaica by 2 p.m. Wednesday and then move east of Florida as a strong Tropical Storm (70 mph winds) as it cruises by. Waves will border on huge with 11 foot breakers being forecast by some models. Rip tides will be a huge issue going into the middle and latter part of the week.

As far as the Florida/Georgia game at Everbank Field on Saturday, there will be a threat of coastal showers as Sandy passes by. At this time however, we're not looking for a washout but rather partly cloudy skies and mild conditions. We'll continue to keep you updated on the forecast as we know more.

As far as Tropical Depression 19, the storm is expected to stay well out to sea. The NHC is forecasting number 19 to become Tropical Storm Tony by Tuesday, but it will not affect anything but shipping lanes.

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