Nor'easter continues into mid week

Cloudy, breezy, damp conditions continue

By Rebecca Barry - Meteorologist
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Gusty winds, overcast skies, and passing showers plague the forecast.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Overcast blustery conditions continued Tuesday morning.  temperatures were cool overnight, and warmed ever-so-slowly under cloudy skies during the day.  Northeasterly winds raged, with sustained speeds between 15 and 25 mph, and gusts just over 30mph.  The gusty winds brought misty showers onshore, and by the afternoon hours, some isolated heavier showers.  

Coastal areas will get the most frequent rain, but inland areas will not be spared from passing showers either.  Winds will also be the strongest and most problematic at the beaches.  High surf, tidal flooding at high tide, higher than normal tide levels, and erosion may be problems, especially during times of high tide.  

Tuesday night, chances for rain continue, but winds will calm slightly overnight.  Cloudy skies persist overnight, making for an overcast start to Wednesday.

Wednesday, Easterly winds will be sustained between 10 and 15mph, and Nor'easter conditions continue into the day, with passing showers and cloudy skies.

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