Recent rains are apart of the Polar Vortex

Another umbrella day

By John Gaughan - Chief meteorologist
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Jacksonville gets the rain not the cooler temperatures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Wow!  Polar vortex swirls around the Great Lakes with unusual chilly temperatures this morning.  Fifty degree temperatures may sneak all the way into Tennessee this morning!  All this chill is squeezing super-humid air around Jacksonville helping to create the near endless waves of showers & storms the past 5 days.

So, hear we go again!  Grab the umbrella this morning because you may need to use it almost immediately as you step out of the door.  "Early and often" showers/storms for today.  Westerly winds will be pushing the storms from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast all day.

We could see a period of sunshine, but you know the situation, the warmer we get (sunnier) the greater the chances for intense, widespread storms later today...