San Marco, Riverside deal with flooding

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Marques White - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Heavy rain and its effects are nothing new to Jacksonville, but residents in some more low-lying areas have it a little harder. Particularly, the more historic parts of the area like San Marco and Riverside.

"Just part of living in the neighborhood. You live in Riverside or San Marco, you're going to have flooding when it rains hard," resident David Vaughan said.

City crews spent the morning clearing out several storm drains along Lasalle Street. People there say there's always buildup there, but it's been worse in recent years.

"Extra couple inches out on the road. It used to not dissipate as fast," Vaughan said.

The city's pumping stations at Landon Park and Children's Way were also hard at work to alleviate water buildup. City officials said they've greatly improved draining and reduced flooding in the San Marco area.

But for Clyde Armstrong, who's lived in the Riverside area for 30 years, flooding and water buildup has gotten worse over the years.

"It wasn't too bad until they started redoing the streets here," Riverside resident Clyde Armstrong said. "They have to do these storm drains at least once a week, even when it ain't raining. They never had to do that before, so something is wrong somewhere."

McCoy Creek Boulevard closed by flooding

Meanwhile, residents near McCoy Creek Boulevard on the Westside say they're used to flooding whenever it rains. The road was closed much of the day.

Some cars nearly stalled driving through the knee-deep, flooded streets. Some had no problem and others decided not risk it and just turn around. Either way, the high waters were a surprise to many people.

"It's crazy. it's ridiculous," said Rodney Dorsey.

Dorsey, who drives a truck, said he had no problem getting through the water.

"It's a Chevy. It's built like a rock. basically I had the RPMs up over like 3,000 to push through. The belts get wet and the battery starts draining," said Dorsey.

One resident said the water used to get pretty high after rains that came through from a hurricane, but lately it's been flooding more.

There were no reports on injuries or accidents because of the flooding, and some hope there will be a solution to the flooding problems.

People who live in the area say it usually takes a few hours after the rain stops for the waters to recede.

Jacksonville officials say the area is a low-lying. We're still waiting to hear back from them about the flooding problems.

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