Stormy Tuesday afternoon

Gusty winds and widespread rainfall

By Rebecca Barry - Meteorologist
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Showers headed through Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida this afternoon & evening ahead of a cold front

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Tuesday started with a few showers and cloudy skies- the sun peeked through the clouds by the late morning as showers swept offshore.  Tuesday's temperatures climbed into the upper 70's and even low 80's for those with fewer clouds before widespread showers and thunderstorms moved through after lunch.

A cold front pushing through the Southeast provided the catalyst point for showers and thunderstorms.  The rain started earlier across Southeast Georgia, as a result the temperatures were not as warm and instability was not as high- resulting in less intense storms, and less intense rainfall.  

Just after lunch, as temperatures worked through the 70's, the storms set in across Northeastern Florida.  Heavy rainfall totals amounted, around an inch on average. Strong storms were possible, with hail and gusty winds being the primary concerns.  Weak to moderate deep layer shear and limited instability eliminated the possibility of widespread severe thunderstorms.  

The showers faded and moved offshore during the evening hours, leaving clearing skies during the day on Wednesday. Breezy conditions resulted out of the Northwest, between 10 and 15mph.

Significantly chillier temperatures anticipated behind the cold front pushing through our area.  Expect overnight lows in the 40's and 50's with afternoon highs briefly reaching the 70's during the afternoon hours.

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