Sun rises in Barrow, Alaska, for first time this year

By Blake Mathews - Meteorologist
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A time-lapse video captured by the FAA webcam on Tuesday shows the 43 minutes the sun lifted above the horizon in Barrow, Alaska, according to the National Weather Service in Alaska.

Located some 300 miles north of the arctic circle, Barrow is the most remote town in the United States and sits almost literally at the top of the world. Due to its latitude of 71 degrees north (compared to Jacksonville's 30 degrees north) and the Earth's tilt, the sun literally disappears below the horizon for two months every winter.


Tuesday was the first time the sun made it above the horizon since November 18.

Conversely, beginning May 10, the sun does not set in Barrow for approximately three months.  Compare that with Jacksonville's shortest day of the year (Dec. 22nd) which is approximately 10 hours and 11 minutes long and our longest day (June 22) which is 14 hours 6 minutes long.

Special thanks goes out to the NWS, Alaska for the information.

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