Tagged redfish recovered in Northeastern Florida

Gray FishTag Research shares distance traveled by the redfish

By Rebecca Barry - Meteorologist

Hendy the redfish was tagged near the jetties and caught again near the Dames Point Bridge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two bull redfish that were tagged in the Fall of 2018 were caught again locally according to Gray FishTag Research. The fish tagging program supplies tags at no cost to charter captains, who then tag species of fish caught by their clients. The clients fill out the data card, supplying Gray FishTag with information about the fish like species, size, location, and condition of the fish upon release. The small tag left in the fish has an identifying number and instructions on how to notify Gray FishTag if you catch the fish. 

One redfish, named Redman then renamed Hendy, traveled 5.4 nautical miles, or 6.2 miles, down the St Johns River during the 14 days between being tagged and being caught. Redman was tagged on October 16th, 2018 by angler Mitch Mitchell near the area where the intracoastal meets the St Johns River. This area was previously know as the "little jetties" prior to those jetties being removed. 14 days later Redmad was caught near the Dames Point Bridge and renamed Hendy by angler Rob Henderson. Rob left the tag in Redman/Hendy, so if she is caught again we will have even more data about the distance traveled by the fish. 

Another redfish traveled quite a bit further between tagging and being caught again. Rocky Red was caught by angler Rocky Taliaferro on October 19th, 2018 close to Mayport. Rocky Red made it 31 nautical miles offshore into the Atlantic in 33 days before being caught by angler Steve Dowling on November 20th, 2018. 

Gray FishTag Research provides a live feed on their website of all fish that are tagged, as well as any tagged fish that were caught. The provide all data collected for free on their website.

Click here to check out their LIVE Tag Feed

Gray FishTag Research (GFR) is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.  They are an international and fully interactive fish tagging program powered by the world’s largest network of fishing professionals consisting of approximately 10,000 charter boat captains and mates.

GFR is an essential tool for promoting the sustainability of marine game fish and increasing public resource awareness.  The program is collecting information in real-time, producing valuable scientific data, directly from fishermen in every part of the world.  They connect professional fishermen and angling enthusiasts with the scientific community who is desperate for relevant data.

All fish species in every ocean are being monitored. Billfish, sharks, general offshore and inshore fish species are being tracked and recorded. Results provide scientists and managers with valuable information on migration patterns, fish stocks, growth rates, habitat depths and much more.

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