Warm Sunshine Will Give Us a Terrific Tuesday

Expect big shifts in our day to day weather

By John Gaughan - Chief meteorologist
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Super cold-air poised to grip the Great Lakes, southward into the Deep South

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - The Polar Vortex will slide into the United States, not once, but maybe twice over the next few weeks!  Best news?  It won't be today!  Beautiful sunshine, warm temperatures and highs approaching 80°.  Grab the sunglasses and light jacket this morning as whatever patchy inland fog we see will rapidly burn-off.

It doesn't last as clouds roll back in on  Wednesday, along with a wind shift out of the north.  The combination will leave us ten degrees cooler, feeling even chillier since the sun will be covered by clouds.  Rain will be coming from those clouds and we could see some potentially heavy amounts.  The heaviest of the rainfall should happen while we head to bed Wednesday evening/night, but with up to 2" of rain, Thursday morning could be very sloppy and chilly.

Blake and Richard will get you ready for our wet Wednesday.

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