Wet Wednesday, mainly passing showers

Make that a warmer and wet Wednesday

By John Gaughan - Chief meteorologist
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Grab your umbrellas before heading out on this Wednesday

Jacksonville, Fla - It was a tricky Tuesday, as weather variability was huge!  Beaches saw morning sunshine and warmth, before a backdoor cold front slammed ashore around 10am. Within minutes temperatures dropped 10 degrees, into the 50's, sea fog settled in and a cold misty breeze pushed down the beach.  Meanwhile, Valdosta, Georgia had an afternoon high of 85° with mostly sunny skies.

For Today, expect more variability, as winds turn from a chilly northeast back to a warm southwest breeze.  Temperatures will again jump, for some in Flagler county, temperatures will exceed 80°. Closer to Jacksonville, temperatures will bounce back into the 70's, but the bigger issue will be early morning fog and then rain showers.

Lunchtime showers will sweep in from the west, some will be accompanied by gusty winds and brief, yet heavy downpours.  Most will last less than 30 minutes, but they will be around for 3-5 hours, mainly around the noon hour.

Richard will have more on the timing of these showers, watch him throughout The Morning Show.

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