Allergy Season Advice!

Allergy season started early this year, hitting allergy sufferers with symptoms across much of the country. As a relatively mild and wet winter gave way to unseasonably high temperatures across much of the U.S., multiple areas reported high pollen counts weeks earlier than normal!  Registered Pharmacist and News Correspondent Jim Morelli has easy tips on how to combat and relieve this allergy season. A former anchor and health correspondent for CNN and CNN Headline News, Jim is a registered pharmacist and poison control specialist. He has authored two books on health.


 Among the topics Jim will discuss, are:

  • Best ways to assist with allergy relief and irritation
  • Best ways to keep your home allergen free
  • Must-haves to fight off germs and infections
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Best ways to combat pet dander
  • And more!