The Joys of New Parenthood

It’s the greatest moment of your life, the day you bring your new baby home! But bringing another life into the world comes with its share of challenges, especially for new parents. Lack of sleep, exhaustion, and all of the unexpected trials of caring for a new life can be incredibly overwhelming.

But never fear, new moms and dads! There are tricks and tips to surviving new parenthood. founder, Nicole Feliciano is here to help making this joyful time with your newborn much easier!

Nicole Feliciano, is Founder and CEO of Momtrends. After graduating from Vanderbilt with a degree in English Literature, Nicole ventured into the (sometimes) glamorous world of advertising. In 1997, she switched gears and went to work for Ralph Lauren. In her seven year career with the luxury brand, Nicole managed retail stores and eventually landed a coveted position at the corporate headquarters in NYC. Soon after that Nicole became a freelance writer and began contributing to, Time Out New York Kids, and many more online and paper publications. Momtrends launched in 2007 and continues to provide the latest tips and trend reports for busy parents. Nicole lives in NYC with her two young daughters and extremely patient husband.

Among the topics Nicole will discuss are:

  • All the latest baby products to have on hand
  • Keeping you and your newborn happy and healthy
  • Tips to soothing fussy babies
  • Ways to stay sane for first time parents
  • And more!

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