Crime Scene Tape

Man shot on Northside; Shooter sought

A man was shot on the Northside Friday afternoon, and Jacksonville police said they're looking for the shooter.

Map: Columbia County double fatal

2 killed in Columbia County crash

Two people were killed in a crash Friday morning in Columbia County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Franklin Arms Apartments

Police try to identify Eastside shooter

Jacksonville police are trying to identify a man who robbed and shot a 23-year-old man Wednesday night at Franklin Arms Apartments on the Eastside.

Waldo officer giving speeding ticket

Sheriff's Office leading Waldo Police Dept.

The state of Florida continues to investigate the Waldo Police Department, where the chief's own officers accused him of making them meet a ticket quota.


Crash causes flood, water outage

Water was turned back on late this morning to homes near where a crash happened in Jacksonville Beach late Thursday night that broke a water line and flooded area streets.

Russian howitsers near Ukraine

REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk

Source: Up to 5K Russian troops in Ukraine

"Russia has launched large-scale incursions into Ukraine," a British government source said Friday, moving between 4,000 to 5,000 troops into its western neighbor's territory, with some 20,000 more perched on the border.

The statement comes despite Mo...

City seal, money graphic

City Council going ahead with major cuts

The Jacksonville City Council is following through on its threat to make major budget cuts, as was discussed at a finance committee meeting Friday.

Recount for 2 local races

Manual recount finds 1 additional vote

A machine recount Friday of nearly 12,000 ballots for a state House race came up with the same three-vote margin in a state House race.  A manual recount that began about 2 p.m. has narrowed the margin to two votes.

FOP officers resigning after endorsement for sheriff

VP of FOP resigns over endorsement

News4Jax has learned that a vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police has resigned his post over how the FOP chose to endorse a candidate for Jacksonville sheriff.

Day care graphic

DCF warns of unlicensed day cares

The Department of Children and Families is warning people in Jacksonville about unlicensed day care facilities that are running ads on Craigslist.


JTA making routes, stops, service changes

Soon you'll notice changes to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority bus system. JTA has just more than 90 days to reshape it.


NFL suggests fantasy football for schools

Football fans are fanatic about fantasy football and now the NFL wants to integrate the online competition into schools.

Welcome back Kotter cast

Warner Bros. Television

Best TV teachers of all time

From Mrs. Krabappel on "The Simpsons" to Mr. Kotter from "Welcome Back Kotter," check out some of the most memorable TV teachers.

Michael Jackson in Brunei

David Loh/Reuters

On this day: August 29

American troops march through a liberated Paris, the King of Pop is born, The Beatles perform their last concert before paying fans, and Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast, all on this day.

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Friday s Warm Forecast

Friday's Warm Forecast

Topping out in the 90s with isolated afternoon showers

This Week In Jacksonville Preview Aug. 31

This Week in Jacksonville preview

Save Our Sons' effort to open a dialogue with police; Daniel Davis from JAX Chamber on impact of Jaguars owner Shad Khan; and Duval GOP leader Rick Hartley with Duval Dems chair Neil Henrichsen debriefing on primary election.


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