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Consumer Reports Articles

The next must-have gadget?

Smartwatches let you know when a call or text is coming in and they can run a variety of apps right on your wrist. Consumer Reports checks out six.

Growing problem: Stolen Smartphones

Consumer Reports has just released its annual survey that reveals a sharp rise in the theft of smartphones. Consumer Reports has advice on protecting your phone, and what to do if yours is lost or stolen.

Testers search for the best microwaves, best prices

Whether it sits on your counter or over your range, how much do you need to spend to get a great microwave? Consumer Reports' tests of more than 140 find two money-saving Best Buys.

Super high-performance tires

High performance tires give you responsive handling and extra grip. Consumer Reports tests more than 40 at their auto track to find the best.

Supermarket savings

How does your supermarket stack up? Consumer Reports' survey of 27,000 of its subscribers finds the good and the not so good supermarkets when it comes to prices, cleanliness and the quality of the meats and vegetables.

Testing for the top toilet paper

You won’t believe all the tests Consumer Reports runs so you can get the softest, strongest bathroom tissue available. They have two to recommend.

Vacation rental scams

Rental websites make it easy to find a vacation home. But make sure you’re paying the legitimate owner. In a new type of scam, thieves pose as owners so you pay them instead.

Cheap phone service

If you’re tired of paying phone bills, but not ready to ditch your home phone, Ooma promises big savings.

Home insurance you can count on

People are happy enough with their home insurance, until they have to put in a claim. Consumer Reports' survey identifies insurance companies that are there when you need them.

High chair danger

Nearly 1,000 children a year are injured climbing into or sliding out of high chairs. Consumer Reports tests dozens of high chairs for safety and has advice for parents.

Good food gone bad

It’s happening all over the supermarket — once healthy foods turned into junk food. Consumer Reports flags some of the most flagrant offenders.