Consumer Reports Articles

Consumer Reports tests new stick vacs

They promise to replace your regular vacuum, so Consumer Reports puts these new stick vacs to the test.

Which batteries to buy?

For all those holiday toys, you want batteries that last. Consumer Reports' tests of 15 AA batteries, the most popular size, find some will keep things running a lot longer than others.

Purrfect gifts for your pets

Consumer Reports helps you find fun, safe toys for your cats and dogs so they can join in the holiday festivities.

Low-cost laptops worth buying

Consumer Reports compares laptops priced at $350 and under and find several to recommend.

Wireless speakers put to the test

For music lovers, a portable wireless speaker is a great present. Consumer Reports tests more than 30 and have several to recommend.

Which gaming system to give?

You’ve got more choices this year. Besides the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U, the new LeapTV is aimed at younger children. Consumer Reports' gaming experts tell you the pluses of each.

Consumer Reports: Gift cards are bad gifts

More people than ever are expected to give gift cards this holiday season. They’re easy for the giver and great for the companies, but not so great for the recipient.

Make charity donations count

How can you determine whether a charity is worthy of your hard-earned dollars?

Consumer Reports: Most, least loved cars

Consumer Reports surveys 350,000 car owners and ask if they’d buy their car again. It’s a good way to tell how happy you’ll be with your next car. Find out the top cars and the losers.

Losing your right to sue

More and more companies are limiting your right to sue. Consumer Reports tells you how you’re unknowingly agreeing to binding arbitration and why that can be a bad deal.

Holiday shipping gripes

In a recent survey, Consumer Reports asked 1,000 people about their shipping gripes. And it has tips to help your boxes reach their destinations.