Consumer Reports Articles

Risks of CT scans for kids' concussions

Some 250,000 children a year get a CT scan after a head injury. Often it’s parents who are pushing for the test. But CT scans deliver high doses of radiation and Consumer Reports says in many cases they’re not necessary.

How NOT to treat a cold

We spend a small fortune on cold medicines. But many of the treatments aren’t worth taking and can have side effects. Consumer Reports tells you what not to do as well as the best what's best to treat that cold.

Used cars under $10,000

10 used cars under $10,000 that are recommended by Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports: 'Top Cars' for 2015

Being named a Consumer Reports Top Pick is a coveted accolade among carmakers. This year Detroit should be happy. The 2015 list has more American cars than any time since 1998.

Combat exercise boredom

2015 has barely started, but what’s happened to all those New Year’s resolutions? Consumer Reports' exercise equipment testers offer creative routines to keep your treadmill and elliptical from gathering dust.

Beware of 'dairy case junk food'

Calcium and protein claims make string cheese, yogurt and other dairy products look so good for you. But if you’re still trying to work off your holiday bulge and cut back on sodium, Consume Reports says beware of the dairy case.

Hydrogen-powered cars

These cars just take just a few minutes to fuel, burn only hydrogen and emit only water. Consumer Reports checked out the latest being offered to the public.

Super snack bars

How to make sure the bar you're eating isn't loaded with sugar and saturated fat.

Consumer Reports tests iPhone 6 batteries

Consumer Reports completes battery testing of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Find out if Apple lived up to its promise to increase talk time.

What's cheaper in September

If you want to save money, there are several things you want to consider buying this month. They're cheaper now than they will be all year.

Counterfeit check scam affects college kids

We'll tell you how con-artists used one company to launch a large-scale counterfeit check scam.