Consumer Reports Articles

Insider tips for home buyers, sellers

The real estate industry predicts home sales will jump 7% this year. Consumer Reports' exclusive survey of realtors gets the inside scoop on bad agent practices that can cost you money.

Sharing streaming media passwords

Netflix, HBO GO and other streaming services let you watch all the movies and TV shows you want whenever you want. But it’s easy to get someone else’s password and log on for free. A surprising number of people do. Consumer Reports looks at the ins and outs of sharing passwords.

Consumer Reports warns of 'overuse of CT scans'

CT scans jumped from 3 million per year in 1980 to 80 million now. But Consumer Reports says too often those scans are not necessary. And their powerful doses of radiation increase your risk of cancer.

Best TVs for the Super Bowl

You’ll find plenty of TVs on sale in the days leading up to the big game. Consumer Reports tests more than a hundred big-screen televisions to find the best for sports.

Best places for car repairs

Consumer Reports surveyed their subscribers about 120,000 vehicle repairs to find the best places to get your car fixed. Their survey also finds that you shouldn't be afraid to bargain. People who did saved money.

Snacks made with bugs?

In other parts of the world, insects are big source of protein. Might bug food take off here? Consumer Reports tests new snack bars and cookies containing crickets.

All kinds of devices promise to give your phone a boost

No one wants to run out of battery when you’re on the go. All kinds of devices promises to give your phone a boost, even some that are built into bags and backpacks.

Echo: Amazon's answering machine

You can ask Echo just about anything, but it doesn’t always know the answer. Still Consumer Reports' electronics engineers think it shows a lot of promise.

Annoying car controls, new solutions

Car infotainment systems are notoriously complicated and difficult to work, but new systems are coming, starting with Apple’s CarPlay, that should make things simpler.

Travel club gotchas

Travel club promises can be enticing, with offers of bargain airfares and discount hotels. But too often those deals don’t come through. Consumer Reports has advise to help you spot tip-offs that the club could be a rip-off.

Consumer Reports tests mood-improving LEDs

Consumer Reports tests lightbulbs that claim to help you fall asleep quicker, wake more alert or do other fun tricks.