Consumer Reports Articles

How safe is your shrimp?

Consumer Reports tests of frozen shrimp have found some with potentially harmful bacteria and illegal antibiotic residues.

Confusing car design

New designs in some vehicles have car owners learning how to drive all over again.

Gas grill rated 'Don’t Buy – Safety Risk'

During routine tests, Consumer Reports found a safety problem with a small Brinkmann gas grill sold primarily at Home Depot.

Best deals on glucose meters

For the 10% of Americans with diabetes, checking glucose levels several times a day is essential. But the test strips can cost thousands of dollars a year. Consumer Reports finds some inexpensive meters that are very accurate with strips that cost far less.

"Star Wars" trailer boosts Disney's stock

The new trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," has boosted Disney's stock.  Stocks for the giant company are up $2 billion. 


Top blood pressure monitors

Consumer Reports says that when it comes to the risk of hear disease, beating the odds may be as simple as measuring your blood pressure at home –– with the right monitor.

Best juicers for healthy drinks

Consumer Reports tested more than a dozen to find out which are worth trying and which you should forget.

Beauty in a box

There are several beauty box subscription services available but are they worth the cost?

Save on prescription drugs

Consumer Reports' secret shoppers check out prices in nearly 200 pharmacies and come up with several easy ways to save.

Spring cleaning dangers, safer alternatives

Many cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals. Consumer Reports' tests show you can still get your house clean without them.

Parking & transportation for One Spark

Finding a place to park downtown will be tough between now and Sunday. Here's how you can get around with less hassle.