Consumer Reports Articles

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon releasing first smartphone

The first smartphone designed by Amazon is set to be released on Friday.

Best greek yogurt

Greek-style yogurt is growing in popularity so Consumer Reports just tested more than two dozen to find the best. In those tests, it found one that averaged 5 times the amount of sugar listed on its label.

Consumer Reports reveals best ice cream

Which flavor is #1 for Consumer Reports' testers? Here's a hint, it's NOT chocolate.

Ways to save big at the drugstore

If you want to cut costs on everything from dental floss to decongestants, taking  a little more time inside the store can slice a bunch off of your bill.

Hidden health risks in beauty products

Consumer Reports ShopSmart releases results of a year-long investigation in popular cosmetics and beauty products.

Top laundry detergents

Can cheaper detergents get your clothes just as clean as the expensive brands? Check out the results from Consumer Reports testing.

Avoid being victim of insurance fraud

How one man pulled off a major insurance fraud by luring in victims just like you, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Choosing the right carry-on bag

Consumer Reports reveals which bags are easiest to maneuver and what sizes you should be shopping for.

Protecting electronics when you fly

Why Consumer Reports recommends carrying on your electronics instead of putting them in checked bags.

Blender may pose safety risk

The NutriBullet Pro 900, is a popular As-Seen-on-TV product. It's designed so you can drink right from the container. But during Consumer Reports' durability tests, the blade broke off, causing concern the broken blade could be accidentally swallowed.

What to buy at Costco

Costco is the country’s biggest warehouse club. Based on Consumer Reports' tests, we can tell you what’s worth getting there and what you should skip.