Consumer Reports Articles

Vinyl flooring safety questions

Vinyl is some of the least expensive, longest lasting flooring you can buy. But it often contains phthalates, chemicals that have raised safety concerns for young children. Consumer Reports ran extensive lab tests to see how much of the phthalates in vinyl escape into the environment.

Clearing mosquitoes from your desk

Lots of products claim to protect you from pesky mosquitoes. But many of them contain chemicals you don’t necessarily want to spray on yourself or your kids.

Consumer Reports reviews the new Ford F-150

How does the top selling vehicle stand up to competitors?

Safer cars for teens

This time of year teens need a car to get to a summer job. But Consumer Reports cautions don’t give your teenager an old clunker that lacks important safety features. Our auto team has compiled a list of great used cars for teens costing well under $10,000.

Rent-to-own caution from Consumer Reports

With low monthly payments and no credit check, rent-to-own may sound like a good deal. But the Consumer Reports says the contracts are complicated and you can easily wind up paying double the cost.

Top-rated facial sunscreens

Sunscreen is an important key to preventing wrinkles. Consumer Reports just tested 6 sunscreens specifically formulated for your face and found two to recommend.

Safety alert: TV tipovers

Hundreds of children have died and thousands have been injured by TVs that fall on top of them. Consumer Reports warns parents about this unsuspected danger and explains how to secure TV and furniture to prevent these deadly accidents.

Should you buy a mattress online?

New companies are selling mattresses primarily on the Internet. Prices are reasonable. But you can’t try them out in the store. Consumer Reports put two online mattresses through our standard battery of tests and they come up winners.

Lawn mowers put to the test

Consumer Reports returns to Florida every year to test lawn mowers. This year they put 100 to the test and found several to recommend that will give your yard a great cut.

Consumer Reports: Beware of phone scams

Phone scams cost Americans more than $350 million a year. Consumer Reports helps you spot the latest cons.

Better audio for cellphones

It’s no secret that cellphone conversations can be tough to hear. But help may be on the way. High-definition voice is becoming available and Consumer Reports' testers say it sounds promising.