Consumer Reports Articles

Apple releases Apple Pay mobile wallet

Apple released its virtual mobile wallet, Apple Pay, Monday. It allows you to buy things with the tap of one of the latest iPhones. Consumer Reports checked out Apple Pay to see how well it works and how secure it is.

Dangers of portable heaters

One out of three home-heating fires are caused by space heaters. The latest 26 Consumer Reports tested have important safety features. So if you have an old heater, consider replacing it with one it recommends.

Best tablet & laptop combos

Tablets have been one of the fastest growing consumer electronics. But sales are starting to level off. And the laptop market has been declining for some time. Now there’s an emerging class of computers called detachables that combines a laptop and a tablet.

Effective flu prevention

Where to get vaccinated, how much it will cost and which vaccine you need.

What not to microwave

About 90 percent of Americans have a microwave in their home, but most of us probably don’t know what we should and shouldn’t zap with it.

Food labeling for GMOs

Consumer Reports tested more than 80 processed foods to see just how widespread GMOs are and whether you can trust food labels.

Best tasting coffee

If you love a good cup of Joe, you will want to check out the blends that topped Consumer Reports recent taste tests.

What to get, forget at Target

It’s Target’s turn to go under Consumer Reports’ spotlight. Based on its testing, Consumer Reports reveals what to buy and what to skip at this megastore.

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Best ways to save at the grocery store

Forget the coupons!  Consumer Reports reveals ways to save you time and money at the store.

Find good health insurance

For the 55% of Americans who get their health insurance through work, October is typically when you can switch plans. Consumer Reports releases rankings of more than 1,000 plans to help you find a good one.

Should your car repair be free?

More than 200 cars have problems that might be fixed for free if only you know to ask. Consumer Reports brings these policies to light and tells you how to find out if your car has one.