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Top pressure washers

A powerful washer can clean a deck or the exterior of your house. It can also slice through your siding or through your foot. Consumer Reports explains how to use a pressure washer safely. And of its tests of 24 pressure washers, Consumer Reports finds several to recommend.

Consumer Reports: Older laptops have problems

A 3-year-old laptop has a good chance of breaking and in many cases just a 50/50 chance of getting fixed by the manufacturer. Consumer Reports reveals which brands have a better track record.

Consumer Reports reveals car loan pitfalls

Car sales are expected to hit a record high this year. Many people are taking out 6 or 7 or even 8-year loans to keep their payments low. Consumer Reports shows why extended loans aren’t a good deal.

Apple via CNN

Consumer Reports tests iPhone 6S

What testers found when they took an in-depth look at Apple's newest phone.

Avoid medical bill shock

With most purchases, you know the price before you buy. Not with medical care. Consumer Reports' survey finds one out of three Americans get a bill that’s higher than expected. And prices for medical procedures vary dramatically even within the same state. We’ll tell you how to avoid sticker shock

Consumer Reports tests tire tread

Tire warranties promise 60,000 miles, 80,000 miles, even 100,000 miles. But Consumer Reports extensive testing finds they don’t always deliver. And if they don’t, you’re unlikely to get your money back.

Financial scams target seniors

Scam artists are devising slick schemes to target people over 60. Many victims are too embarrassed to admit they’ve been taken. Consumer Reports' investigation shines a light on the problem, gives advice on how to protect seniors and tells where families can go for help.

Saving with student discounts

Everyone knows it costs a fortune to go to college. But there are a few perks. Plenty of stores and websites offer deals to students. Consumer Reports highlights some easy places to find savings.

Best luggage brands

Consumer Reports surveyed thousands of its subscribers to identify common luggage problems and the best luggage brands.

Consumer Reports reviews the new Ford F-150

How does the top selling vehicle stand up to competitors?


Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Instant Video

When you subscribe to one of the leading video-streaming services—Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video—you get a wide offering of movies and television shows, along with a buffet of different options. Which service is the better choice?