Seldom do you hear about a Hollywood actor surfing in the waters off Atlantic Beach.  It is one of Linden Ashby's favorite things to do when he comes to town.  After all, he grew up in Atlantic Beach and has been surfing there since childhood.  He visits our area as many times a year as possible.

"It's home.  I think that having traveled around the world, it's just a really, really unique spot on the planet," said Ashby about his visits to his mother's home in Atlantic Beach. 

"The lifestyle here, just the fact that I can come here and visit my mom and not touch a car for a week and ride our bikes everywhere," he added.

Ashby is currently acting in the MTV series Teen Wolf, which is getting ready to start its 4th season next month.  He plays Sheriff Stilinski.

How he started acting?

"You know I did one play at Bolles, I think, and I sort of went, hmmm. I'm okay at this," recalls Ashby about his interest in acting starting in high school. 

The Bolles School is a private school in Jacksonville, Florida.

He attended college in Colorado where he studied business and psychology, but left after his junior year.  He moved to New York to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. 

He first appeared on Melrose Place in the first season in 1993.  He played Jo's husband, Charles Reynolds, in two episodes.  He returned to the show for one season in 1998 when he played Dr. Brett Cooper.

You may also remember him for his role as Morgan Earp, youngest brother to Kevin Costner's character in the Hollywood movie, Wyatt Earp. 

His big break came the following year when he was cast in the role as Johnny Cage in another film, Mortal Kombat.  

"I'm like, ahh, guys I don't know.  You know, it's a video game movie.  None of them had been successful," he remembers when he first heard about the script.  "And I met with the director, this young British guy named Paul Anderson and we talked about it.  I came back and met with him again and I said, yeah."

He has since appeared in more than 30 films and more than 40 television shows and movies. 

He says his favorite role is the one he is playing now as Sheriff Stilinski in the MTV series Teen Wolf.

"You know working with these kids who are amazing, I've known them since they were 17 years old," he explains about one of the reasons he likes his current role on the series.

He admits he was skeptical at first, though.  "I see the title Teen Wolf and I'm like, aww man, really, really?  Teen Wolf?  That's the level of originality we can come up with now?  Then I read the script and it's really good," he said.

How Ashby met his wife:

It was very early in his career, when he met his wife, actress Susan Walters.  They met on the set of the soap opera, Loving, in 1989.  He says within three months of meeting her, they were married.  

"I'm 24- 25 years old, she's 21 or 22 when we got married.  Two actors in New York, I mean, what are the odds that's gonna work out?," he said.

28 years later and they are still very happy.  They have two daughters who are in their early 20s.  They split their time between California and Atlanta, Georgia.