New, disturbing evidence was released Monday in the murder of a young Metro PCS employee last year. The State Attorney’s Office released surveillance video from inside the Brentwood store before 20-year-old Shelby Farah was shot and killed.

Surveillance camera shows James Rhodes outside Metro PCS store Outside the store, 22-year-old James Rhodes, who's charged with murder in the killing, is seen on video, investigators said. Police said he was casing the store and waiting for the crowds to leave.

Police have video they are not releasing that shows the robbery and shooting, but they did release photos that show bullet casings in the store and money from the register on the floor.

It took several days for detectives to arrest a suspect in the case, but they found Rhodes in his home and said they linked his clothing to the robbery and killing.

Surveillance video | JSO evidence photos
UNCUT AUDIO: 911 call reporting shooting
UNCUT VIDEO: Detectives interview Rhodes

After Rhodes was arrested, he was interviewed by detectives, as seen on video. He did not say much at first and was surprised he was being detained.

"Do you have any idea why you are down here?" a detective asked.

"No, not at all," Rhodes said.

"Nothing?" the detective said. "Well, I will explain."

Police talked to a number of witness who had no problem in helping them and identifying the man in the photos with the gun, the interrogation video shows.

The interviews revealed that Rhodes (pictured) had spent a night of drinking, smoking pot and throwing a lot of money around in the hours after Shelby Farah was shot and killed.

“I don’t want to get in trouble, I’m in school. I’m trying to get myself together,” said Crystal Lewis, who was with Rhodes after the shooting.

Lewis cooperated with investigators and described a party-like atmosphere at Rhodes’ home hours after 20-year-old Shelby Farah was gunned down inside the Brentwood Metro PCS store.

“Was he drinking at the house?” asked an investigator.

“Yes,” said Lewis.

“Was he doing anything else other than drinking?” asked the investigator.

“We were smoking weed,” said Lewis.

“Smoking weed? Do you know how he bought the weed?” asked the investigator.

“Yes,” Lewis said. “Before we left the house, hit the corner, somebody he knew, he asked could he get weed and they gave him $25 for $20.”

“$25 worth of weed for $20, is that a yes?” the investigator asked.

“Yes,” Lewis said.

Lewis said that 21-year-old Rhodes had returned home that day in different clothes with $200 in his pocket. Lewis admitted to hiding Rhodes' shoes after recognizing the unique pair in police photos that were released to the news.