Jacksonville’s best coffee: That Coffee Chic

Facebook: That Coffee Chic

It’s more proof that finding a unique cup of coffee is no simple task. That Coffee Chic simply can’t be beat -- it’s your choice for Jacksonville’s best coffee for the second year.

Not only is the coffee one-of-a-kind, so is the venue: A 1969 Coachman!

The business, owned by two sisters, was started with a conversation at the counter in the kitchen as they were drinking coffee. Something sparked, and the recipe has been perfected for years.

Most importantly -- they’re having fun with it!

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where you’ll find the moving coffee shop, as it finds its way around parts of Nassau County. Many times, they’ll have online polls to determine where they’ll head to next. They also send out text alerts when they’re heading your way, should you sign up.

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