Jacksonville’s best dog park: Brewhound Dog Park + Bar

Facebook: BrewHound Dog Park + Bar

It’s a place you can get together for a pawsome time.

Your choice for Jacksonville’s best dog park also comes with an optional frothy mug -- Brew Hound Dog Park + Bar.

Ultimately, it’s a place where people can come together with their four-legged friends and enjoy the outdoors. The owners tell News4Jax the idea came from a small bar in Orlando, where they were sitting together and drinking greyhound cocktails.

“We just really missed our dogs, and we were curious, why can’t we just bring our dogs everywhere?” said Jason Underwood.

And, thus, the idea was sparked.

If you’re up for a bite, there are usually some of everyone’s favorite food trucks stopping by as well. Often, the owners hold events to benefit pet rescues.

We know you’re interested! Head to Brewhound’s website to register your best friend for a visit.

Facebook: Brewhound Dog Park + Bar