Jacksonville’s best live music: Blue Jay Listening Room

Photo: Blue Jay Listening Room

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Your favorite spot for live music in Jacksonville is a place where “every ticket is a backstage pass.”

Blue Jay Listening Room is filled with people who share a deep passion for music.

Cara Murphy, the owner and operator, says that for years she longed for a place to go and listen to musicians -- a place to sit, listen and connect. She writes:

“As a musician, I know the heart, soul and time that artists put in to writing their own songs. I know what a special thing it is to be able to bare your heart and soul and share those feelings and inspirations with people who actually want to hear it.  Selling out a stadium is of course part of the dream for some, but having a small room of intent listeners who sincerely care what you have to say is something so special, it’s difficult to put in to words.  And thus, the dream of Blue Jay Listening Room became a reality.”

According to Murphy, Blue Jay is a space from someone to listen, expand their musical knowledge, find inspiration. Grab a craft beer or a glass of wine and “let the worries of the world melt away.”

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