Jacksonville’s best gym or place for Crossfit: Brandon Fitness

Photo: Brandon Fitness

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For the second year in a row, your choice for Jacksonville’s best local gym is BrandonFitness.

Brandon Warren, the founder of BrandonFitness, graduated from Bethune Cookman University with a degree in physical education recreation. He started his dream with a few clients that met in various parks and locations around Jacksonville.

As written on his website, Warren believes “nothing changes if nothing changes.” So, if you’re ready to take your workout to the next level or if you just want to get in shape -- he’s your ticket to getting motivated.

In addition to his gym on the Southside, his website offers virtual training and live video chat.

Ready to get to work? Head to Warren’s website to see how his clients have changed their lives.

Runners up:

2) BEAST Performance 3) PhysWell Fitness & Rehab