Jacksonville’s best museum: The Brumos Collection

Facebook: The Brumos Collection

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Brumos Collection: The official home of Brumos racing and an assemblage of some of the finest automobiles and artifacts in the world is your choice for Jacksonville’s best museum.

No. It’s not just for gearheads and automotive enthusiasts. However, if you fall into either category, you’ll definitely melt.

The Brumos Collection has two sections. The first is a collection of open cockpit race cars and early automotive innovations. And apart from the cars, there’s vintage equipment and drivers’ gear.

When you go through the second section, you’ll find a collection of rare Porsche race cars from 1953-2017. You’ll also come across some legendary race trophies and awards.

“When the team at Brumos decided to bring this collection to life, the decision was based on more than just showcasing the cars themselves. Although the collection does represent some of the most historically significant cars you’ll ever see, we also wanted to recognize the drivers and the inventors behind these incredible machines,” the museum writes.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’s right here in Jacksonville! Head to The Brumos Collection’s website for a closer look and to order tickets.

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