Jacksonville’s best vegan restaurant: KraVegan

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Returning yet again as your top pick for Jacksonville’s best vegan food is KraVegan -- a place where “food is love.”

LaTasha Kaiser, the owner, has been making food from scratch since she was age 9. Her father taught her how to cook.

“He taught me that food is like colors. You shouldn’t be afraid to play around with flavors,” she explains on her website.

She decided to go vegan and her strategy in the kitchen is still the same. (The food just doesn’t have any meat!)

“Her internal drive is, just because you decide to eat healthy, doesn’t mean you should miss out on flavor,” says her husband Lew.

KraVegan says its menu is a survey of all the things Kaiser likes to eat that were adapted to a vegan diet. Popular items include the meatless ribs, mac-n-cheese and collard greens.

Apart from the food truck, there’s another location you can visit at the Orange Park Mall. Take a closer look at the menu on its website, and see the food truck’s weekly schedule!

Runners up:

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