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FSU victims identified; campus healing

Tallahassee police have released the names of the three victims of Thursday morning's shootings inside the library at Florida State University, as the campus community attempts to regain a sense of normalcy.


Lower gas prices may fuel holiday travel

People celebrating Thanksgiving with a road trip will enjoy the lowest gasoline prices in nearly four years.


New battle for cancer survivor blamed on chemo

They’re survivors that beat the odds as children fighting cancer and winning. But what was once the cure – is now the culprit. That same life-saving treatment could kill them later in life.


Season jobs on the rise for holidays

With the holiday season, comes the busiest shopping rush of the year. That means many retailers are hiring seasonal employees.


Choosing right facility for aging loved ones

Nearly one million Americans live in assisted living facilities according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and over 3 million get care in skilled nursing facilities. So what's the difference between the two?


Get free booster seats to comply with law

Starting Jan. 1, a new law will go into effect that requires children ride in a booster seat until their 6th birthday. Now is your chance to get one of those seats for free.


Avoiding job scams

If a job advertised online sounds too good to be true, it might not only be a scam, but a one way ticket to landing you in big trouble.


Best cellphone services

Consumer Reports has just released its latest ratings of cell phone companies, based on a survey of 63,000 of its subscribers in 26 cities.


Register for McKenzie's Run

Join Coach Gus Bradley and Run or Walk for a Great Cause at the 5th Annual McKenzie’s Run.


Critics call at-home tattoo trend risky

More people are choosing to ink themselves or have someone else give them at tattoo right at home.  While DIY tattoos may allow for more creativity, critics say the trend can be really risky.


Be alert: Criminals target holiday shoppers

'Tis the season for shopping and decorating our homes for the holiday. It's also the season when criminals come out and target people, and some of the ways people are being targeted may surprise you.


Cold-weather running, workout tips

Many of you may be lacing up your shoes and getting ready for that morning run despite the freezing temperatures, but it's important you make sure you're warming up adequately before you head out.

Transformation Tuesday

Join Dr. Asa Andrew and Melanie Lawson on a 30-day transformation through exercise and diet

Known as America’s health coach, Dr. Asa Andrew is host of one of the fastest growing radio and television programs in North America designed to transform your health and your life. As a physician to many professional athletes and celebrities, he is an internationally sought after speaker for many Fortune 500 Companies with his message of looking better, feeling younger, and living longer. Lose weight, find vibrant health, and custom design the body you've always wanted. Attain and maintain better health the same way you learned to walk: one step at a time.
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Photos: Have you seen these fugitives?

Capturing Jacksonville's wanted suspects is a tough task, so The Local Station is trying to help with the Wheel of Justice.  Every Thursday morning, the wheel spins and a wanted fugitive is profiled. Online, we feature all the fugitives on the wheel.

Morning Show Recognizes First Birthdays

Every day on the morning show, Channel 4 features babies on their first birthday. Learn how to send the photos and when to watch.

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