"There was a proposal for settlement and it was accepted," Phillips said. "That was 'The estate of Jordan Davis vs. Michael Dunn.'"

Phillips again said he could not go into details about the private settlements, but did say that several hundred thousand dollars went into a trust account to show the civil suits were agreed to and settled.

Jacksonville attorney and Florida Costal Law Professor Rod Sullivan weighed in on the matter Thursday night.

"I don't see how it helps him at all, and I could see how it could possibly hurt him," said Sullivan.

Sullivan told Channel 4 it's very unusual to see someone in Strolla's position hold a news conference before the verdict.

"It's really a very dangerous thing to do for your client," said Sullivan. "I think sometimes lawyers tend to forget that this is the client's case, it's not your case as the lawyer, and so if you're using press coverage for your own personal advantage and not to your client's advantage, you're doing your client a disservice."