The group was out there for an hour and half and then left. They haven't decided if they will come back each day.

Meanwhile, the New Black Panther Party also made their voices loud and clear.

"We would not be out here if Jordan Davis wasn't killed," one demonstrator said.

The Dunn trial is bringing extra traffic to downtown, from the demonstrators to local and national media. Downtown businesses are hoping to capitalize.

"We've seen a lot of interesting people coming through and coming through to my business, and that's why I've been passing out coupons and finding out what's going on," Pita Pit owner Annd Patel said.

Then there's the security. Police officers are closely monitoring areas around the courthouse, which Channel 4 crime and safety analyst Ken Jefferson said is not unusual with this high profile of a case.

"As you would imagine, (the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office) is on high alert with the number of people that is going to be down here," Jefferson said. "Not only are they watching the people, they are watching their body language, because you never know what may happen. You prepare for what could happen."