It's time for back-to-school physicals, and not just because of the mandatory paperwork every child needs to attend school.

That's what Mayo Clinic pediatrician and family medicine physician Alva Roche'-Green told Alicia Booth on "The Morning Show" Saturday.

Roche'-Green said it's important to make sure kids' vaccines are up to date.

She said the ages most likely to need new vaccines or boosters are 4, 11 and 12.  

She also recommended college-bound students get the meningitis vaccine.

The back-to-school physical is not just about vaccines, though.

"Also for us to give out some health physical information about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle," she said.

Roche'-Green said pediatricians can help spot issues that may affect a child's ability to learn.

"If a child's not hearing well or seeing well, we want to catch those things before they get behind in school," she said.