Georgia teachers' retirement system sounds alarm on phishing scam

A new phishing scam is targeting teachers' retirement accounts

These scammers want current members and retirees login credentials

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The state system that handles pension benefits for Georgia’s educators is warning teachers about a new phishing scam going around that’s trying to collect their personal details.

The Teachers Retirement System of Georgia issued an alert last week in response to recent complaints from teachers and retirees who received emails supposedly from the system, claiming they needed to change their account credentials because their accounts had been compromised.

In reality, the emails were sent by scammers who are trying to "phish," or gain access to individual members’ accounts. That's likely because the system manages the retirement accounts of 390,000 current and former educators and a $4.7 billion annual budget.

According to the TRS, it will never send emails to members seeking account information. In fact, the agency will only reach out when a member has submitted a work order, changed their account details or to notify its members immediately about important information.

“But,” the advisory noted, “an email from TRS will never include a link asking you to change your login credentials.” The safest bet for members who receive emails containing links to external websites? Avoid clicking on anything and instead contact TRS by dialing its toll-free line: 800-352-0650.