Ridesharing measure gets Scott approval


In a victory for ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft, Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed a measure that creates statewide regulations for the fast-growing industry.

Lawmakers passed the bill (HB 221) after a long-running battle about whether the state should prevent local governments from regulating the “transportation network companies.”

The industry sought statewide rules to avoid facing different regulations across Florida.

But the idea ran into opposition from local governments and taxicab companies, which are typically regulated locally and feared that ridesharing companies would get a competitive advantage.

The bill, however, was approved unanimously by the House and in a 36-1 vote in the Senate before going to Scott.

“I'm proud to sign this legislation today to make it easier for ridesharing companies to thrive in Florida and help ensure the safety of our families,” Scott said in a prepared statement Tuesday.“Florida is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation because of our efforts to reduce burdensome regulations and encourage innovation and job creation across all industries, including transportation. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of ridesharing companies in our state.”