Not everyone agrees on next step for Jacksonville Landing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Work is underway for the city of Jacksonville to take complete control of the Jacksonville Landing by the middle of May.

The city plans to eventually tear down the iconic downtown landmark. The process will start with the city beginning to terminate the leases of the current tenants of the Jacksonville Landing. Some of the businesses are on a month-to-month lease agreement.

The city hopes to have all the businesses, including the restaurants, out in six months.

It's not known when demolition will start. The head of the Downtown Investment Authority believes demolition could be well underway by the first of next year, if not completed by then.

Still, there's no word on what would replace the Landing. For now, it will become an open area, a green space with the possibility of several small buildings that could be used for special events.

Not everyone within city government is sure demolishing the Jacksonville Landing is the way to go.

Councilman-elect Matt Carlucci said he would like to open up discussions soon to hear what the public wants to see happen to the site.

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