Store's ‘Everything Black' MLK sale sparks outrage

Promotion draws criticism from across the country


A shop is in hot water after advertising for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day sale by posting a sign in a window that read, "25% OFF Everything Black!"

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Global Village, a shop located in Duluth, Minn. that sells items from around the world, was unaware of the offensive nature of the sale until a photo of the sign was quickly passed around via social media, inspiring hundreds of critical comments.

The offense nature of the sale was made worse by further promotion posted online: "He showed us that the struggle and lookin' super fly can go hand in hand. We salute him with 25 percent off everything black, Monday, January 20th. Much more our style than a Columbus Day sale, no?"

The store's owner was caught off guard by the backlash, quickly took the sign and online advertising down and posted an apology on Global Village's Facebook page.