Bus driver beats crying thief with bat while driving

Would-be thief trapped on bus while driver hits him with a


A would-be thief who tried to steal a woman's handbag on a bus wasn't fast enough, got stuck in the vehicle's door as he tried to get away and was beaten by the driver as he continued to drive the bus.

CCTV footage shows the entire scene unfolding on a city bus in Concepcion, Chile.

In the video, passengers are seen boarding the bus. One man who begins boarding near the end of the line then jumps on to the bus and attempts to snatch the handbag of a woman sitting at the front.

The 22-year-old thief fails to grab the bag, and turns to run off the bus, but the driver closes the doors ? trapping the criminal inside the bus.

The driver then continues to drive the bus with his left hand while hitting the suspect with a baseball bat in his right hand. The thief starts crying, and the whole encounter ends with the man being taking into police custody at the next stop.