March Sweetness! Memorial Hospital welcomes 3 newborns for Sweet 16

Baby boy Najir was 'coached' by Nadia; Baby girl Ja’Mirriah was coached by Cha’Quelle; and Baby boy Robert Joseph was coached by Chandra (Provided by Memorial Hospital)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Memorial Hospital had some fun with March Madness when it welcomed three newborns just in time for the Sweet 16.

The trio of future basketball players slam-dunked their way into the world with the help of their coaches (AKA mothers). All newborns and moms are healthy and well.

Their cute basketball hats and nets were handmade, with love, by labor and delivery nurse Becky Geschwind, RN, at Memorial’s Special Beginnings.

Geschwind is known to have knitted countless baby outfits for babies delivered at the hospital over the years.

Thanks to Memorial for sharing the sweetness with us!