4/22 - All a BUZZ about Earth Day

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Celebrate Earth Day 2021 with the staff of the Jacksonville Public Library.

Inspired by the book, In the Trees, Honeybees by Lori Mortensen, learn all about a day in the lives of honeybees and make a bee bath. 

The virtual event is from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Thursday. Registration is required for this event and must be completed two hours prior to the start time. A library card is required for registration. If you do not have a card, click here to obtain a card.

Supplies needed for the program are: shallow dish or a saucer from flower pot; glass stones, marbles or medium-sized stones; water, crayons, paint or markers (optional, for decoration).

Attendance is limited to 50 participants. Your Zoom name must match your registration name for you to be admitted to the program. A link to the Zoom meeting room will be sent n hour prior to the event.