Local comedy company celebrates art scene with LOL Film Festival

The LOL film festival features local stand up comedians, artists and filmmakers and aims to give them a platform.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local comedy company is helping bring the art community together in Jacksonville by showcasing comedians, musicians, filmmakers and more -- while inspiring a new generation.

“We heard these things like: ‘What’s going on in the city?’ You know, ‘There’s nothing going on’ or whatever and there’s a lot of stuff happening,” said Adam Madrid.

That’s why Monique and Adam Madrid started the “LOL Film Festival...” And to give local artists a platform.

“LOL” in this case stands for “loving our locals” while “laughing out loud.”

It features local stand-up comedians performing comedy skits alongside short films. Since starting it, the Madrids have noticed an expansion in their community.

“I’ve noticed it getting more diverse and it’s getting richer and the stories are just getting more personal,” Monique Madrid said. “We are seeing people locally come and geek out and remember names and that’s a great thing for the artist.”

Filmmakers in the River City have movies on Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi, and other platforms.

“We have talent here and it’s worth exploring and giving them the chance,” Monique Madrid said. “You might find it’s more affordable and fun and you feel good about supporting your city.”

Now the Madrids are working to get younger kids interested too.

“We do partner with Douglas Anderson with their students as well as with JAM and we also partner with Domas on The Beat. That way we know we’re reaching kids to because they’re talented as well,” Monique Madrid said.

The LOL Film Festival happens every August -- but it has another film festival that’s also pretty interesting, the Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project: Filmmakers write a script, shoot a movie, and edit it in 48 hours.