U.S. hotel internet not up to world standards

New study ranks WiFi quality below Mexico and Poland

Vacation tips involving Wi-Fi hotspots.
Vacation tips involving Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you want to upload a picture to your Facebook page from a hotel room, you're better off staying in Mexico than the United States. The U.S. ranks 40th in the world in wireless internet quality at hotels, according to a new study by Hotel WiFi Test. The Los Angeles Times reports that the study ranked the U.S. behind South Korea, Poland, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, India and many other countries.

The study determined WiFi quality by calculating the percentage of hotels with download speeds faster than 3 megabits a second. That's the recommended speed for streaming Netflix in standard definition. The study also looked at hotels with upload speeds faster than 500 kilobits a second, which is what Skype recommends for SD video calls.

Only 36 percent of U.S. hotels met those standards. South Korea, which had the highest ranking, had 92 percent of its hotels meet the threshold, according to the study.

The good news is that many hotels in the U.S. offer wireless internet for free. The study found that 85 percent of hotels in the United States let guests log on to WiFi for free. In South Korea only 74 percent of hotels don't require guests to pay for wireless internet service.