Best free apps for productivity


In this digital age, these apps make life a lot easier!  Evernote is your online notebook for storing photos, files, web pages and to-do lists. Indexing provides easy searching and accessibility from desktop to mobile.

Ever wished you had a digital butler? Humin allows you to remember tiny details of how and where you met someone, and all you need is a phone number.

If you're an artist, Paper can be your virtual sketchbook. The app is packed with a variety of pens and brushes to draw out ideas.

Timeful is an intelligent calendar mixed with a to-do list. The app uses algorithms to track how you complete tasks and suggests ways to build new habits.

Communicate with your team using Slack. It's like a chat room for smaller projects that lets you control who's in the conversation. It can also be installed on your desktop for discreet notifications.

All of these apps are free and some offer features within the app to enhance the experience if you wish to upgrade. Slack and Evernote are available on all operating systems. Timeful and Humin are available on IOS, and Paper is available in the iPad app store.