Kmart's blue light is back

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You'll see the infamous blue light and lots of signage at the front of the store the next time you walk in. We had the chance to see the kinds of deals you can score, and how it works. After all, you may not remember since the last time it flashed was back in 1991.

There is a new blue light special everyday, one per store. They only last for a certain amount of time so you have to be in the store when it happens... or do you? After all, this isn't 1991 anymore! Kmart is of course incorporating new technology when bringing back this classic, but we'll get to that later.

First, let's talk about the deals. If you love getting more for your money, you're going to love the return of the blue light.

Assistant Manager, Dale Law, said, "Just getting on that announcement and making it is fun. 'Attention Kmart shoppers, the bluelight is back.' They get so excited. We've had rows and rows of people coming up here looking at the merchandise."

Blue light specials can happen at anytime. They last for 15 minutes or until they run out of product. And they have some great deals that even the employees can't pass up. Holly Brand for example.

"The headphones that were marked down to $19.99. That was last week. They were originally 60 dollars. I bought one set," Branch said.

While we were shooting this story, the deal of the day was a ceramic knife set. Regularly $59.99, marked down to $19.99. Law says they usually have enough in stock but everyday, more people are coming in because they're hearing that the specials have returned. He said customers are not just excited for the specials, but for the nostalgia. One customer in particular.

"She came in and said, 'It's back? It's really back?' She sat there for five to ten minutes just going over how she was a child following the blue light through the store with her parents. It's just great to hear how people remember the blue light," Law said.

If you can't hang out in Kmart waiting for the blue light special, you don't have to. Download their app and you will get a notification when the blue light starts flashing online. Yes, they have a daily, online special. The online special is different than the one you find in your area store but it also lasts a lot longer. You have up to 15 hours to claim that special.