Deputies warn of DirecTV phone scam


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – There's a consumer alert in St. Johns County, where deputies are investigating a fake DirecTV phone scam that conned a retired woman out of hundreds of dollars. 

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, the 67-year-old woman said she got a call from someone who claimed to work for DirecTV. 

The woman told deputies that the caller ID even read DirecTV, so she thought it was legitimate. 

The caller told the woman that she could take advantage of a special rate if she purchased a $350 Amazon gift card and gave him the information on the gift card, according to deputies.

After the woman didn't see her bill change, she called DirecTV and was told she was scammed.

DirecTV has a warning about this particular con on its website. The company says it will never ask for pre-paid cards or gift cards as a form of payment. 

When in doubt, call the the toll free customer service number on the bill.

DirecTV also recommends that customers place a passcode on their account for added security.