Turo is like Airbnb for cars

Like Airbnb for your car, Turo has been around for nearly a decade, even though you're probably just now hearing about it. Turo advertises as a way to turn your car from a major cost to a cash engine. Founded in 2010, the San Fransisco-based company is in cities around the world, including Jacksonville.

Turo helps travelers find alternatives to traditional rental car companies. On average you will pay about $30- $35 less per day than a traditional car rental services. Plus, you'll find a slew of luxury vehicles on Turo that the average Avis or Hertz just won't offer.

Hosts, or people who own the cars, can earn $450-$500 a month renting them out. Privately owned car dealerships are even jumping on board. Instead of letting cars sit on the lot for sale, they also put them up for daily and weekly rentals on Turo.

The communications director for Turo, Steve Webb, says that by renting your car out through the app, you may be able to afford a vehicle you otherwise couldn't. If you were looking at a Nissan, but really wanted a Lexus, renting out the car for a few days a month can help you make that more expensive car payment. It could even cover it completely.

Rental prices range from $25 for a Honda Civic all the way up to $900 for a limited edition Mercedes SUV. The owner determines the rules. Things like how many miles you can drive the vehicle per day and if you are allowed to smoke, drink ot eat inside.

A big question has been about insurance. Turo offers a comprehensive plan that goes a little further than traditional car rental companies. It's an extra cost but unless you have a plan that covers you when you drive any and all vehicles, experts say it's worth the added price.

Turo owners will meet you with the vehicle to start the rental process. While most customers are picking them up at airports, there are a growing number just renting locally while their car is in the shop or because they want to drive something nicer for the day.

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