More companies using therapy dogs to help stressed-out employees

JACKSONVILLE, Fl – Companies like Aetna, Google, and Intel are using therapy pets to help workers relax.

Volunteers from Pet Partners, a non-profit company, train the animals, and then bring them to the corporations. Employees can visit with the pets for up to two hours. 

Taking pets to work is becoming more commonplace. Seven percent of employers permit pets in the workplace, according to a 2016 Society for Human Resource Management Survey. That's compared to 4 percent in 2014. 

Amazon employees are allowed to bring their pets to work any day. 

Scientists have found that being around pets can have a lot of mental health benefits. Researchers from Central Michigan University found pets can make people more cooperative on group projects. 

West Virginia University found that petting animals can release oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress levels. 

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