Want to know how you can get paid to lose weight?

MoneyTalksNews.com breaks down programs that give you cash for pounds

With all the fits and starts most of us go through in dieting, some extra motivation might be just the trick.

MoneyTalksNews.com has you covered with a breakdown of several programs that will actually let you earn money as you lose pounds.

The key, though, is hitting the weight goals you set for yourself, because if you don't, you'll lose money instead of earning cash -- so you're getting both positive and negative reinforcement.

That's bound to make a difference, right?

Here's how MoneyTalksNews.com described several of the programs:

HealthyWage: You can enroll in either personal or team challenges. What you win depends on variables like how much weight you lose, how long it takes you to lose it and how much money you put up. To get an idea of how much you could earn, play around with the prize calculator on HealthyWage's website.

StickK: This program, described on its website as a "goal-setting platform," is based on the work of a Yale University economics professor. You can customize your goals and put the details -- including any stakes -- in writing as a "Commitment Contract." StickK describes stakes as "the price of failure." If you wager money and fail, the money goes to a recipient of your choice. This program also allows participants to put a price on their efforts to quit smoking.

DietBet: This program uses both financial incentives and social gaming to help you stick to your commitment. There are three games to choose from, each involving a different weight-loss goal, duration and bet amount.

Now who's to say what motivating factor will spark your weight-loss breakthrough, but one of these programs might be just your ticket to a thinner waistline and a thicker wallet.