Surprising ways to save on car insurance

Discounts come from a lot more than just AAA and AARP

You probably already know that being a member of AAA or AARP comes with benefits like lower car insurance. But did you know there are other ways to cut into your driving expenses? If you're a member of certain non profits, clubs or even a graduate of certain schools you can get an even bigger price break

One of the best ways to save is if you belong to a wholesale club like Costco or BJ's. Both partner with car insurance companies. Costco partners with Ameriprise to offer discounts. According to MoneyTalksNews.com, members save an average of $542 the first year they switch.

There are all kinds of other organizations that offer discounts. Sororities or fraternities, business groups, the military and honors clubs. If you belong to a group, there's probably an insurer out there with a car insurance discount for you. To take advantage, make sure you start asking questions. Reach out to the organization and your insurance agent to get the details and maximize your savings.

And did you graduate from UNF? What about The University of Georgia or FAMU? If you are a member of those Alumni associations, guess what? Companies like Geico give you a discount on your car insurance. In fact, there are dozens of universities that they partner with to offer this perk but you have to join the alumni association as it's only available to those members.