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5 ways you can earn extra cash

Make money without having to work full-time

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Need some extra money? We could all use a little more cash, and you can get it without committing to a full-time job. Here are five ways you can start earning money right away.

You'll need a smart phone, tablet or computer for most of these. And only one of the jobs we're about to mention even requires you to leave the house.

Let's start with Swagbucks. Shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web and answer surveys. This company pays you in points if you perform these services. Those points you can in turn  use for gift cards at sites like Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, it has something called Mechanical Turk. With this site, you can make money when you need it by doing tasks like writing product descriptions or selecting the best picture for a product.

There's also an app called Field Agent. For this one, you'll have to leave the house. You become a mystery shopper and it pays you to do things like check prices or displays in stores. I know someone who did this here in the Jacksonville area and made a decent amount of money each week.

Similar to Field Agent, there's Gigwalk. If you have a smartphone, you can earn extra cash with Gigwalk by doing quick jobs for brands and retailers.

And finally, UserTesting. You can earn quick cash by looking at someone's website or app and commenting on it.