Smart mirror reveals if your face cream is really working

Hi Mirror is a personal beauty consultant that tracks wrinkles, spots and more

How do you know which skincare product is best for your skin? Have you ever wondered if the "improvement" from that new eye cream is a temporary effect or if it's really making a difference? A new smart mirror promises to answer those questions by tracking every line and dark spot on your face.

How many times have you spent a bundle on a cream or serum that makes big promises? I know I have. Now there is a tool to hold those creams accountable. It's called the Hi Mirror and it's winning all kinds of beauty awards.

Hi Mirror Mini is a personal beauty consultant with quite a memory. It's all about helping you track changes in your face. The main function is skin analysis. The way it works is you line up your face in the mirror, it takes a picture and measures things like pore size, red spots, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and more.

Not only will the mirror track your progress or regression over the coming weeks and months, it will also give you product recommendations and skin care tips to help you improve your skin care regimen.

HiMirror even keeps track of all the products in your inventory, reminding you about that intensive eye serum or special cream when your skin needs a bit of extra TLC.

According to the makers of Hi Mirror, they've put their heart and soul (plus the work of about 300 engineers) into developing Hi Mirror, bringing together practical advice and smart technology personalized with your needs in mind.

Hi Mirror is for sale on Amazon for $119.