Learn the third most popular language in the US: American Sign Language

Kickstart and develop your ASL skills with the Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle. (StackCommerce)

It should come as no surprise that the number of people wanting to learn American Sign Language is on the rise. Given its widespread exposure in media, particularly notable throughout the pandemic when all updates were being thusly translated and thanks to award-winning films such as CODA, ASL is fast becoming one of the top languages in the nation. In fact, behind English and Spanish, it is the most commonly used language in the States.

Here is your opportunity to kickstart and develop your ASL skills, with the Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle. This CPD (Continuing Professional Development)-accredited course is discounted 85% down from $349, and is currently available for just $49.99. You’ll learn the full range of American Sign Language, from the ABC basics to more advanced interactions. By the end of the course you will be able to comfortably apply your skills in everyday situations, as well as use your knowledge in specific circumstances, such as relating with infants, dealing with medical emergencies, and even underwater communications. You will also be provided with essential tips on deaf etiquette.

Knowing ASL has a lot of advantages when it comes to the professional sphere. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistic predicts employment for sign language interpreters will grow by 24% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations, with the median wage being just shy of $50,000 per year. Of course, becoming an ASL translator is not the only occupation, nor the only use, in which you could use the skills you acquire by learning the language.

Beyond the practical, there are also personal benefits that you can attain from learning this beautiful form of expression. Like any language, ASL challenges your brain, enhancing cognition, abstract thinking, and hand-eye coordination. It can also generally help you become a better listener and thinker, improving your body language and communication skills. It can allow you to communicate with babies and animals, as well as become a more passionate, involved, and aware person in the deaf community.

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