Local parents and students board bus to Rally in Tally

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Local parents and students are boarding a bus Tuesday morning to rally in Tally.
They’ll stand alongside Martin Luther King the Third at the state capitol voicing their concerns for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship.

The goal is for the Florida Teachers Union to "drop the suit" against the program.
It supports more than 80,000 poor and mostly minority children in the state.

According to the lawsuit filed by the Florida Teachers Union, it really comes down to the separation of church and state.

The lawsuit sites tax payer money going to private schools- many times for-profit, religious institutions.

The lawsuit also says private schools can't be held accountable because they aren't subject to state assessment testing like public schools are.

The lawsuit was filed in 2014. It was dismissed at the circuit court level because the judge found the money wasn't coming from the state's general operations budget.

But during the summer of 2015, the group appealed the decision before Florida's First District Court of Appeal.

Supporters say all scholarships are funded by corporations that receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their contributions.

They say the average annual income of scholarship families is roughly $25,000 and gives low-income families the opportunity to send their child to a better school then what's down the street from where they live.

The rally is set to begin in Tallahassee at 10 a.m. Supporters will march from the Civic Center to the intersection of Duval and Madison where the event will happen.