Plan to consolidate Raines into 6-12 school taken off table

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – During a meeting Thursday to address aging schools in Jacksonville, Dr. Diana Greene, the Duval County school superintendent, told a crowd that the scenario to consolidate Raines High School into a 6-12 school has been taken off the table.

"That scenario is not possible," Greene said. "That scenario will be taken out of consideration."

The crowd applauded the decision. Nearly 100 schools have been identified in the Duval County School Board's plan to replace, remodel and consolidate the district's aging schools.

As part of the scenario that Greene said would no longer be considered, students from Northwestern Middle School would also attend Raines and the Northwestern Middle building would become an elementary school, consolidating Carver, Woodson and Payne elementary schools.

Greene said she'll present her final plan to the board in August. 

Nearby Ribault High School, which is 54 years old, has also been proposed to be replaced with a 6-12 school. Greene spent a couple hours on Monday night at Ribault, sharing scenarios that could help schools in that area.

On Tuesday, the board voted in favor of a half-cent sales tax to fund repairs and replacements of Jacksonville schools. The board wants to see the vote happen in November, but it would be the only issue on the ballot.

Mayor Lenny Curry on Thursday told News4Jax he is opposed to putting the measure before voters in a special election. He was not ready to comment on whether he supports the proposed tax.

Ultimately, it will be up to City Council to decide if and when the resolution would go before voters.

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