Clay County parents, students to get a chance to meet 3 new principals

Superintendent announced new leaders for 3 schools for 2019-20 school year

Becky Murphy, Mallory McConnell and Ivin Gunder (Photos: Clay County District Schools)

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Clay County Superintendent Addison Davis announced there will be new leaders at three schools for the 2019-20 school year.

There will be new principals at Ridgeview High School, Lake Asbury Junior High School and Lakeside Junior High. All three principals will be transitioning from other Clay County schools.

Becky Murphy has been recommended to become the new principal at Ridgeview High School. For 11 years, Murphy served as a middle and high school English teacher before transitioning to administration in 2011. Since then, Murphy served as an assistant, vice principal and is currently the principal at Lake Asbury Junior High School. 

Mallory McConnell has been recommended to become the new principal at Lake Asbury Junior High School. McConnell, a Clay County resident, has 11 years of education experience, five of which have been serving as a principal. Most recently, according to Clay County District Schools, McConnell has led Lakeside Junior High School for the last two years. 

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Ivin Gunder has been recommended to become the new principal at Lakeside Junior High. Gunder was a classroom teacher for 12 years. He also spent three years at Lakeside Junior High, serving as the assistant and vice principal and overseeing all aspects of curriculum development. He is currently the vice principal at Oakleaf High School.

Parents, students, staff and community members will have the chance next week to meet three new principals before the upcoming school year. Below is the schedule of meetings:

School name New principal Date Time

Lake Asbury Junior High

Mallory McConnell June 13 6 p.m.

Lakeside Junior High

Ivin Gunder June 13 6 p.m.

Ridgeview High School

Becky Murphy June 11 6 p.m.