Our student reporter heads back to school

Harlon Brown Jr. returns to Sandalwood for his senior year

Harlon Brown Jr., our student reporter, began his senior year at Sandalwood High School on Monday.

"I'm really excited to get back into the groove of things," Brown said.

Even though he is senior class president, he was already well-known at the school, but he was a little shocked with the notoriety he achieved by appearing on The Morning Show every day last week.

He took us inside the school to show new security measures, including walk-through metal detectors. They're not used every day, but when they feel it is necessary.

WATCH: New security measures at Sandalwood High School

They've also cut the number of entrances to the school from eight to three and installed more security camera.

"I feel very safe," Brown said. "Just feel like the security has become better over the years."

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