Movie Review: 'Power Rangers' shines with nostalgia

Humor and kicks roundup villiains

Being a kid in the 1990s involved Nintendo, Uno and Power Rangers.

Now those Power Rangers are back on the screen in theaters this weekend.

If you were a kid when this show debuted in 1993, watching this film will be nostalgic
and it will reveal just how those five teens gained their super powers.

The movie "Power Rangers" is set in small town Angel Grove where five teenagers accidentally find five magic crystals. There is one for each person that will later transform them into super heroes.

It's two hours long. The first hour explains how the teens became super heroes while the second hour is all about fighting the lovely Rita Repulsa, who wants to conquer the world.

The upside to this film there's humor, action and a fairly believable plot. The downside, the editing doesn't always flow and those subpar special effects fighting scenes from the '90s are back!

It's family friendly for 99 percent of the film but parents should be there with the little ones for the scary moments.

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